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07 July 2011 @ 12:12 pm
eye of the needle (i) (arthur/eames ; tailor-au ; pg-13) (currently locked down to undergo editing)
come on darling, run with me. (eames&mal ; pre-film bffs ; pg) (AO3)

x-men: first class.
Heart, we will forget him! (erik/charles ; did you know, murmurs charles pensively, making love is the most painful thing in the world. ; pg-13) (AO3)
It's Not Too Late (to feel a little more alive) (erik/charles, charles & the doctorr ; crossover with doctor who ; pg) (AO3)
je n'ai jamais promis un jardin de roses (charles-centric (erik/charles) ; charles had wanted a puppy for his tenth birthday. (or: charles takes care of roses to make up for the fact that he was not loved quite enough during his childhood.) ; pg) (AO3)
lessons exquisitely crafted (erik/charles ; charles sits on the edge of the bathtub as erik slides the razor against his scalp ; pg-13) (AO3)
take my hand (take my whole life, too). (erik & charles ; kid!fic ; g) (AO3)
the light of the hours that have made me (erik/charles ; one morning in westchester ; r) (AO3)

pressure suit. (erik/charles ; music and broken bones ; r)
the ghosts in the attic. (erik/charles ; music and coming to terms ; r) (AO3)