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17 May 2012 @ 01:53 am

I know, you're probably going "ANNIE SLOW YOUR ROLL" because it's not like I only post once every three or four months. Or anything. Hah. Hah.

Anyway, for this year's avengers_bang I had the immense pleasure of working with accursedspatula, who is not only a gifted writer but also someone I am proud to call one of my very best friends. Unfortunately, the tail-end of the big bang caught me right during finals period so I wasn't able to do her fic as much justice as it deserves. Under the cut you'll find the main graphic, the cover, tracklisting, and links to download/listen to the FST. There are only three images, but they're all rather large. Thank you so much for visiting and please let us know your thoughts!

09 February 2012 @ 09:37 pm


so heavy in your armsCollapse )

Thank you so much to the wonderful lindenmae for allowing me to contribute to the wonderful universe she's created, and to Michi, Kara, and everyone else who offered image and color suggestions. ♥
14 December 2011 @ 12:32 am
Take My Hand (take my whole life, too)
erik & charles (x-men: first class).926. g. kid!fic. charles' mother comes to pick him up from daycare. erik (literally) isn't ready to let go, yet.

The caretaker bent down and tried to separate them again, hooking her hands under Charles’ arms and trying to tug him gently away from Erik, but he just clung more stubbornly.Collapse )

▩ I should just dedicate this journal to harbor. She keeps me constant. ♥
▩ Two months without writing fic and it sure does show. Kid!fic is (obviously) not my forté; all mistakes/general ickiness are due to the fact that it was five in the morning when I wrote this and I'm still swamped with research papers about Assyrian palaces and the appropriation of drag culture in documentary filmmaking. Warning for allusions to neglect, but it's mostly fluffy and cute, I hope??
▩ Thank you for reading--we should be friends. c:♥
18 October 2011 @ 12:51 am
wips/in-progress works/prompts i plan on filling eventuallyCollapse )

And due to some prodding by friends, I have decided to make this an open post where you can give me prompts for future fics, offer general comments, or just drop by to say hi. I obviously have only posted for Inception and First Class so far, but I am open to writing other fandoms too--just reply with a series (a list of films here and a list of tv shows here and I read too many books to list so please just ask on that) and I'l let you know whether or not I am willing to write for it. I do write NC-17 (though chances are you haven't seen it because it's either anon on its respective kink meme or I'm too embarrassed to actually post it) so I accept basically anything as long as it's not too unsavory. If you've found a prompt on a kink meme that you think I'd be interested in, feel free to post that too.

Thank you for your support, everyone! You've all been beyond wonderful. ♥
It's Not Too Late (To Feel A Little More Alive)
erik/charles, charles & the doctor (x-men: first class crossover with doctor who).4,113 words. pg. there is a strange man rummaging around in his refrigerator.

'well, what have we here? aren't you just extraordinary?'Collapse )

▩ Thanks to Anne & harbor for pushing this along.
▩ s6 upset me. This was cathartic.
▩ Thank you for reading--we should be friends. c:♥
04 September 2011 @ 12:51 am
by virtue fall (part one)
erik/charles (x-men: first class in the format of the mentalist). 8,579 words. r. former celebrity psychic medium charles xavier works as an independent consultant for the westchester county bureau of investigation. senior special agent erik lehnsherr, head of the homicide department, wants to know his damage. warnings: graphic violence, major character death.

(note! previous knowledge of 'the mentalist' is (hopefully) unnecessary, but helpful!)

tell me what you know about them night terrors every night.Collapse )

▩ First of all, thanks forever to my partner-in-crime, the wonderfully talented Anne, who makes writing 'Dragon Age' fanfic look effortless, for keeping me on-track and wading through my inability to comprehend the concept of "less is more."
▩ Your comments would be so appreciated. ♥
▩ Watch 'The Mentalist.' Simon Baker as Patrick Jane will forever change your life for the better.
▩ Cut text is from "Pursuit of Happiness" by Kid Cudi (feat. MGMT).
▩ Thank you for reading! We should be friends. ♥
30 August 2011 @ 10:55 pm
Heart, we will forget him!
erik/charles (x-men: first class). 552 words. pg-13. did you know, murmurs charles pensively, lying on his stomach with his head pillowed on his arms, making love is the most painful thing in the world.

you and i, to-night!Collapse )

▩ I forgot I wrote this tiny thing ages ago and never posted it to LJ, oops. I couldn't sleep, so I wrote stupid boys being unable to deal with their stupid feelings.
▩ Writing/posting stream has and will continue to slow down now that school is back in full swing, unfortunately. :c I've a few big-ish projects in the works and signed up as a mixer for inception_bang & xmenbigbang though, so hopefully there will be some quality coming soon.
▩ I have an AO3 account now! Sometimes there will be stories that haven't shown up in my fic journal yet. :x
▩ Thank you for reading! We should be friends. ♥
04 August 2011 @ 09:03 pm
Je n'ai jamais promis un jardin de roses
charles (with some seeds of erik/charles) (x-men: first class). 5,628 words. pg. charles had wanted a puppy for his tenth birthday. (or: charles takes care of roses to make up for the fact that he was not loved quite enough during his childhood.)

Tu deviens responsable pour toujours de ce que tu as apprivoisé.Collapse )

▩ ALL THE THANKS IN THE WORLDDDDD to harbor who is my favorite enabler where XM:FC is concerned and looked through it for me once I finished, so all mistakes that remain are my own.
FC canon mentions neither Kurt nor Cain so they just...don't exist in this universe. I STAND CORRECTED. They still don't exist in this universe. Charles' life is hard enough without them. >:T
▩ In my mind, Charles is Candide and Erik is the Little Prince. If you needed a French literary reference comparison, which I don't think you do, but considering how this entire fic is basically an obnoxious extended metaphor, why not take it all the way?
▩Working titles include "A Rose For Erik," "I Never Promised Erik A Rose Garden," and "A Rose By Any Other Name Would Still Smell Like Erik."
▩ Thank you for dropping by! ♥
22 July 2011 @ 02:44 am
lessons exquisitely crafted.
erik/charles (x-men: first class). 1680 words. pg-13. charles sits on the edge of the bathtub as erik slides the razor against his scalp and lets the first clump of soft curls fall to the floor, a small black crescent against the white porcelain. (modern-day, powered-down)

strange how we know each other.Collapse )

▩ Title and lyrics from "Eric's Song" by Vienna Teng.
▩ This fic really hits home for me in a personal way; some members of my f-list knew me back when I had my own little brain adventure and so this is largely dedicated to you, for sticking with me all this way. Thank you, always. ♥
▩ And thank you, of course, for reading. I can't do this without you.